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Timeline of criminal activity/justice:

note: feel free to count as many forms of random assault or property damage as you want, he's done a lot. To my knowledge there is only one confirmed death.

July: petty theft of drugstore,
start of long chain of drug abuse

August swear in: Tetsuo kills someone, assaults a few others under fear gas (Tiffany / Gogo / Ken/ Kaneda taking him out )

September: Off the rails running wild, causing who knows what; Kaneda's network report on part.
Qubit cites a few newspapers

Nov 10: Attacks Kaneda and Kaneda makes a public post
Nov 30: Tetsuo attacks Ken by glass explosion, leaves him for dead (not public knowledge)

December: Public fight with Kaneda
after that he's running from anyone trying to catch him, lashing out at anyone who tries. Out of options on how not to have to fight the world, and starting to realize things are out of his control. Not causing mass damage, but definitely fighting to kill if cornered

Jan 02: Peter Pan tears his heart out and crushes it.
OOC announcement

I have no idea if he'll wake up during the event, or if waiting until after makes sense due to being an ingredient for it, but I believe he'll wake up during it/be unaffiliated to Pan Plot.
Jan 03-17 (mod permission to extend powerless period to two weeks!) : no powers, no ability to get out of things

Plans: Minato to be Tetsuo's handler/probation officer post-revival

I promise you guys he's not getting away with anything forever here. It just took a while