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Akira's powers are a bit hard to pin down. Essentially, matter, energy and soul are all the same and manifest across boundaries easily. It's a little convoluted, but it means that his energy and psychokinesis powers are basically a gradient of the same thing. If it sounds like part of it could be under one header instead of the other, that's not inaccurate; there's a sliding scale between the two. Having these powers means being connected to the life force and collective energy of the universe.

In canon, powers like his aren't something that a human being can handle. They eat everything around him, including himself, converting matter into energy. They come with horrific consequences at worst and extreme deformations at best - those with them don't tend to be able to physically age or grow up. Instead, these people wither away as the power slowly consumes their energy. If there's no limiter placed on someone with them, they can in theory grow in power exponentially forever, until the power grows too big for a physical body to handle. End result, becoming one with the universe whether you like it or not.

In MoM, Tetsuo is largely disconnected from the inherent energy flow of the universe, and his powers have only his own life force to draw on. That gives him a maximum power cap. With careful management and with a team of healers constantly feeding him life force, he could reach and stay at his max potential.... but this is Tetsuo, so they'll leave him a half-dead wreck more often than not. His brain takes the brunt of the initial damage and strain; with sufficient abuse, he can black out or even hemorrhage. In a fight, he's a glass cannon - a lot of damage, but wears down fast.

1. Psychokinesis:

Levitation and manipulation of objects; this can include self-levitation in a passable imitation of flight. (He's moving in largely straight lines, correcting course is harder)
He can do things from moving water glasses to shattering windows subconsciously, and much more impressive things if he focuses. At max capacity, he can lift and move something like a train engine (at 200 tons), but he won't survive having done so. He can only 'safely' throw around things like cars without suffering much backlash. Beyond that, he's putting a lot of stress on his body and mind in an increasing scale.

While he has some sense of his surroundings through his power, he has to be completely aware of an object to lift it, either through prior confirmation of its location behind him or through line of sight contact. If the object moves behind him and he's unaware of the change, he can't grab it.

Tetsuo can exhibit extreme force on objects, either by throwing them at high velocity, crushing or ripping them apart. The exact same drawbacks for the amount of force needed apply.

2. Energy Manipulation:

He can project a sphere of pure force/energy outwards, damaging anything (except himself) within its radius. This doesn't usually extend much more than about five or ten feet from him in any direction; the bigger he makes it, the worse the repercussions to himself are. He can also project this sphere somewhere directly in front of his line of sight, though the farther he tries to put it the greater the wear to himself. At its weakest, it's invisible, and just a sphere of violent force.

At its strongest, it's a visible barrier of light capable of either melting or repelling objects. This sphere can be used as a shield to repel incoming attacks/projectiles and protect himself from incoming harm - but it has limited duration; he can only keep it up as long as he can concentrate on it, and like all the rest of his powers, depends entirely on his own energy. He can couple this with telekinesis - to throw something back that he's slowed enough, for instance. He can get a far larger and/or brighter sphere, at the cost of his own life force and energy. We know from canon it is strong enough to bend or block extremely strong orbital lasers, or laser weaponsfire. The maximum duration of this ability without causing harm to himself is a minute.

Related to the force sphere is channeling energy into a single attack in a straight line, causing damage to anything that gets in its path. Think of this as a concussive shockwave; it goes at a fast, but set speed wherever Tetsuo initially directs it and has limited effective range before it's burned enough energy to be harmless (twenty feet). It's a great way to cause collateral damage such as tearing up sidewalks and severely annoying best friends. It can be used to project a force sphere attached to the end of the attack - only as an invisible circle. He cannot project an energy shield around someone else, at all.

3. Telepathy:

Here we go. Telepathy is huge in Akira canon ,and while anime Tetsuo doesn't display it much, he clearly demonstrates the ability. As he's the most gifted psychic in his canon since Akira, he had potential to use it to great effect. It just wasn't his style.

Tetsuo has received telepathic training for six months, and has put it into practice with increasing frequency. There is a permissions post; I will do nothing without checking it by people.


He can see surface thoughts if people are screaming it loudly enough in their heads or focusing hard enough to draw his attention. He also has the chance of picking up stray thoughts as a universal receiver like before, or being very obvious to people to note who are either spiritually sensitive or telepathic in nature.

With focus, he can find someone's head and get into it, regardless of distance - while he will have trouble finding or keeping contact with someone across the world, he can get someone across America easily. He has to know the person he's looking for before long distance contact, or they have to be psychically or spiritually easy to find. Merely maintaining contact is easy, digging for information is a risky gamble and puts him at the potential mercy of the host's mind. If they're protected or fight back, he'll have to pit his will and imagination projected against theirs.

Likewise, he now has the training (thanks to Thomas) to defend his own mind against attacks and protect himself from mind control or people digging for information.

Digging for information comes at a possible, sometimes severe cost: memories are associative, and it's difficult to lie or hide mind to mind. If he loses focus, or starts drifting into his own thoughts, his target may see some of his own memories (again, with plotting/discussion oocly). He must maintain control over his mind to avoid this.


If he encounters someone capable of hosting another soul, such as a spirit medium or someone otherwise empathically or telepathically sensitive/open, with player permission, he'll have the ability to shift his consciousness into that person. They can fight this if they choose, and a strong-willed person could shove him out of their body completely. His target has to be willing on some level, or completely incapable of fighting it, to let him have any real control.

in canon, Kiyoko used this to great effect, transferring the networked abilities of the three espers/psychic children into Kei to let her fight Tetsuo.

When in that person's body, he'll have a merged consciousness with this person, and be able to use his own abilities through this person as if it was him doing them. They will not suffer any side effects; he is using them as a proxy to channel through and nothing more. He, however, is subject to all of them and may not be aware how much damage he's doing to himself at the time.

This character may still be able to use their own powers and take some actions. Tetsuo won't have the ability to access or use their own powers for himself unless they're purely physical (durability, a special non-summonable sword or such). In short, his target will have to have at least half control for them to use their own abilities, making it a joint merger instead of displacing that person for a while. If they should choose to surrender entirely to let Tetsuo control, they can do that (and this has to be a choice on his target’s end unless they’re flat out unconscious, regaining consciousness means they have that choice again), but it blocks the use of any non-permanently available (biology, physical objects - if they need summoning, he can’t get it unless it’s already out) powers they have.

Tetsuo will only have limited control over his own body while he's merged with another and very little awareness of his surroundings, and most likely be in a close to unconscious/trancelike state until his mind/soul is back in his body. You might hear him talking to himself if he's talking through someone, somewhere else. It's exactly as creepy as it sounds, and he’s incredibly vulnerable during this. The link is broken if Tetsuo is rendered unable to maintain it.


Sometimes he gets flashes of things that are happening or are about to. He will never be able to control this, so in effect, other players would have the ability to choose whether or not he’s aware of something regardless of whether or not he would normally. This is basically here for other people’s plots, I won’t be asking if he can use it for reasons that would benefit him.