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CHARACTER AGE: 15 in canon, 17 by now. He doesn't look that different. That's accurate to canon (his power saps life energy/ages people very weirdly).
SERIES: Akira (Movie version)
CHRONOLOGY: Original app: After escaping from the hospital, just after he collapsed on the street but before he woke up back in the hospital. Now, he's been in MoM for a year and a half.
CLASS: Whatever he feels like being today.
HOUSING:Nonah #005

Back home, he was abandoned as a small child. He's known Kaneda since his first day at the orphanage, and ended up joining a gang Kaneda founded as a teenager. Got into a bike crash, was taken to the hospital where he was experimented on and tortured, and unknown to him, ended up having his brain ripped apart enough that he could use incredible powers.

He escaped from the hospital, only to collapse later from complications on the street. Yes, I'm glossing over this as fast as possible, we got MoM history to cover.

Half coherent and in incredible pain, he managed to do four things off the bat that set the tone for the resulting half year: get contact with Hazel, break into a convenience store and steal prescription painkillers, encounter Mewtwo, and find his assigned house, where Kaneda just so happened to be staying.

Kaneda was from the end of the movie where Tetsuo's out of control powers demolish Neo Tokyo, and Tetsuo vanishes. Tetsuo's from the point where he's still relying on Kaneda to come rescue him, and in severe denial about that/angry at his own weakness.

Understandably, Kaneda's not too happy to see Tetsuo. He makes some mentions about how Tetsuo's supposed to be dead, and how he destroyed Neo Tokyo. Tetsuo, already in a very bad state, does not take Kaneda's sudden rejection and blame for nonsense well. He ends up slinking into the house he's supposed to be in, and doesn't forgive Kaneda for pushing him away or not seeming to care about the fact he feels like he's dying.

Tetsuo does manage to be somewhat friendly with Ken Amada, also living in that house. Ken sees something similar between Kaneda and Tetsuo to his own life, and tries to do his best to help them work things out before bad things happen. They end up making a pact of nonaggression- don't attack me, I won't attack you.

Tetsuo decides to use the soundproofed back room of the arcade he supposedly works at as a safe hideaway from everything when his condition gets particularly bad. Ultimately, he considered it his territory. It's where he ended up living off and on.

It was in this arcade that he met Peter Pan, who got Tetsuo to show off as much of his power as his head could take. Peter Pan instantly upstaged him. Pan's expert manipulation ended up with Tetsuo agreeing to let Pan show him something, intending to one day surpass him and put him in his place.

Peter Pan worms his way into Tetsuo's good graces, slowly working to deepen rifts and trying to make Tetsuo see him as the only person he can trust. If it wasn't for Hazel (and her ability to null his powers/give him occasional pain relief), he'd have believed that; as it is, he retained the ability to have any friends at all as well as scraps of sanity.

Pan gives Tetsuo (aka, steals magically) a motorcycle to replace the one he misses having, and to continue to play Tetsuo against Kaneda. Kaneda sees this bike, asks Tetsuo where he got it, and Tetsuo refuses to answer him. Kaneda ends up marching out to destroy the bike, figuring (correctly) that nothing good can possibly come from it and Tetsuo's gotten into something bad that he can't handle. Tetsuo tackles him, and screams at Kaneda in a long, furious rant that he doesn't belong to him, and their gang, the Capsules, aren't here anymore.

Friendship successfully shattered, they avoid each other after that.

Meanwhile, Mewtwo is warily warning people about Tetsuo. They're both psychic experiments gone wrong, and they both have a strange connection; Mewtwo knows exactly what Tetsuo is. This ultimately gets Thomas in touch with Tetsuo, who offers to teach him how to use telepathy and protect himself.

Then the swear in in De Chima happens, when Crane releases fear gas. Tetsuo gets more and more hurt in various confrontations with powers he's only started to really learn. During this, Ken mistakenly attacks him, and Tetsuo realizes who's attacking him as Ken summons his persona and hits him with lightning, briefly paralyzing him. As Ken leaps at him with a spear, Tetsuo manages to fling him somewhere telekinetically, knocking him out.

Kaneda only saw the ending of that fight, and so he attacks Tetsuo. The thin shred of sanity Tetsuo had been clinging to snaps. He throws everything he has into trying to kill Kaneda, taking out all his rage and pain on him. Kaneda weathers it all and wears him out, shoots at him (depending on Tetsuo to stop it) kicks him in the face before he can react, then drags his unconscious, bleeding body back to Nonah 05 to get him fixed up.

In September, Tetsuo takes to the streets. He attacks anyone who's willing to fight him. He terrorizes anyone in his way. He gets into high speed chases. Seeing a chance to stop a menace, Qubit gave him a psionic resonator, which is a device that cuts the general pain he feels in half and restores some of his sanity alongside. Case in point, he actually agrees to ally with Rick Grimes in exchange for a gun, and agrees to let Rick teach him how to use it.

Another housemate, Bull, finally stops him intentionally stepping in the path of Tetsuo's bike. Tetsuo ends up spending October in N5 recovering from the crash. During this time, he sees that Kaneda and Ken are close friends, while he feels rejected and hated by them both. Pan suggests that Kaneda replaced him with someone better. Tetsuo handles this well as expected: he attacks Ken in jealous retribution and leaves him for dead, leaving Nonah 05 for good and moving into 'his' arcade.

Kaneda confronts him and ends up dragging Tetsuo to Maurtia Falls to make a deal: Tetsuo can shoot him. But if he does and Kaneda survives, Tetsuo can't attack anyone in Nonah 05 again. Tetsuo hesitates but takes the deal and is a mixture of relieved and furious when Kaneda survives. Frustrated, he flies away at top speed and isn't seen in person again by anyone except Kazu, Hazel, Pan and Minato.

He spends the rest of November and all of December in a depressed drug-fueled haze, slowly succumbing to his power's life draining side effect accelerated by addiction. Fun times.

What Tetsuo didn't realize was Pan was using him for his own ends, promising him everything he wanted - to be free from Kaneda forever, to be not in pain anymore, that he'll be happy. Eventually, on January 1, Pan asks Tetsuo to come meet him, saying everything's ready to cast the spell that will do all this.

What he doesn't mention is casting it means he rips Tetsuo's heart out of his chest while Tetsuo's still alive and crushes it in front of him, telling him the spell requires that Pan sacrifice 'what he loves most' and thanking him. Tetsuo panics, and as he's dying he psychically reaches out to Kaneda to beg him to save him anyway.

There's no chance Kaneda could get there in time.

He wakes back up in a mostly empty Nonah 05 again, away from any access to drugs and, though emaciated, healthier than he'd been in a long time. Tetsuo's terrified about what Kaneda'll do to him when he gets back from fighting Pan. Since dying made him lose his powers, Kaneda could do anything he wanted to him and Tetsuo couldn't stop him.

Kaneda hugs him instead, saying he just wants his brother back. After a tense minute, Tetsuo agrees, quietly accepting Kaneda as family. Kaneda moves into Tetsuo's room after getting tired of racing to see if he's okay after every nightmare, and just kind of stays there afterwards when Tetsuo calmly accepts his prolonged presence for the first time in half a year.

Having thoroughly burned himself out, he ended up a sad shadow of himself for a while, barely saying anything, quietly following Kaneda around like he did when they were younger. It was the first chance a lot of people got to get to know him. January was the worst time of his life, but it was also the first time in a long while people got to really talk to him. By the time he got his powers back, he had a sort of support network.

Tetsuo only avoided going to jail for everything he's done or getting nullified once his powers came back because Minato, who'd been quietly working to befriend Tetsuo since the swear in, stepped in and arranged things so Tetsuo was on probation under his supervision.

Slowly, things get better.

Tetsuo actually agreed to help Kaneda enact his plan to rescue kidnapped ImPorts. He slowly started talking to people again. Not being on drugs and having the resonator meant he was able to be talked down during the Perestroika Seminar, which would have been impossible before. Ken and Tetsuo manage to start to talk out their problems (with the use of Tetsuo's psychic abilities to reach an understanding). Kaneda got Tetsuo a bike. They opened a garage together.

It took him dying first to knock some perspective into him, but Tetsuo slowly started to turn his life around.

Then Pan showed back up, taunted him, and got Tetsuo to race out to fight him. He lost, Pan took his right arm as a trophy, and Ken and Aerith work to save his life. After that, Tetsuo officially drops his vendetta against Ken.

He builds an arm for himself to replace the one Pan took, hides it underneath a red blanket he’d had since September, and gets defensive and weird about it. Not too long after that he’s dragged back home, but since no time passes, from his perspective, he went to sleep, woke up back on that stupid table, and it’s February.

PERSONALITY: Tetsuo's matured since he arrived in Heropa. In some ways, he's gotten better. In some ways, he's gotten a lot worse.

Tetsuo's always had deep insecurity complexes. He'd have to prove he was better than anyone, that he could keep up, that he was worth having around and that if he proved it enough, maybe people wouldn't leave him like his parents did. He hates himself for his weakness and fear. He was close to worthless in a physical fight, and he always had this deep underlying fear that if anyone saw him for who he really was, they'd mock and abandon him.

In Tetsuo's mind he is the perpetual underdog, angry about his situation and perceived weakness, and angry at his own fear and inability to do something about it. This began to build into resentment that fed a relentless determination to never give up and never let anything get in-between him and his goals. It wouldn't matter if he got beaten up or taken down; he'd get back up and he'd keep going until he won.

Most people have an innate sense, a little voice of reason in the back of their minds that says when to pull back on the proverbial or literal throttle. If Tetsuo has one, he ignores it. To add to this, he's got a childish naïveté that limits him from being able to see the bigger picture of anything. He lives only in the moment, reacting only to the immediate situation. In a large part, he's still just a kid - and it shows. He's even visibly driven to angry tears as a last resort reaction.

This whole side of him is still there, underneath all the new layers of defeatist helplessness. Like pressure building slowly underneath a volcano, he could always suddenly snap.

He started off as a softspoken, sadsack mess of a gentle kid, who had the incredible misfortune of being born in a post-apocalyptic country ruined by atomic fallout. Somewhere deep in his soul he still is that six year old sobbing in a corner, feeling abandoned and scared, and as long as he violently rejects that part of himself he'll never grow from it. Instead, over time he hardened a defensive, angry shell over his feelings, hid himself from the world, and took to lashing out at anyone who made him feel threatened or inferior.

For months, Pan would go back and forth between complementing Tetsuo on his achievements, only to immediately undermine it with a barbed question under the guise of trying to help. Tetsuo never had much self esteem, but Pan relentlessly wore away what little he had left, shredded his pride, and removed his ability to tell himself that he honestly could handle things if given the chance.

While he'd never admit it, Tetsuo deep down believed that he'd never be as good as Kaneda or capable of being his equal. There was nothing Kaneda couldn't do. There were a lot of things Tetsuo couldn't. Back home, despite being a street kid who was in constant danger, he'd been somewhat sheltered. Kaneda was there to protect him; he always showed up and made it right. Tetsuo's actions didn't really have much by way of consequences overall.

He only really learned consequences over his time here, what true loss and despair was like, and he figured out the value of everything he had - a roof over his head, for instance - as one by one he lost them. He figured out just how much he really needed people once he was all alone huddled in an abandoned office building in Maurtia Falls in December, trying to stay warm.

His faith in Kaneda's abilities only grew to more and more unhealthy levels as he failed repeatedly to do anything to him, despite all the powers he had. And despite all his powers, he couldn't do anything against Pan even when he had the ability to, while Kaneda could.

Kaneda's the closest thing he has to family - love or hate, sometimes both. When they were kids, Kaneda offered him friendship and protection when everyone at the home beat him up and took his toy - and Tetsuo was initially grateful. But over time he developed an inferiority complex about the fact it was always Kaneda who came to the rescue. Always Kaneda he compared himself to (and while he'd fantasize being in Kaneda's place, he never believed he could). Always Kaneda who could do something that Tetsuo felt he could too, if just given the chance.

He finally got his chance to prove that, and he failed. His depression and self-loathing had grown so bad that when Kaneda didn't manage to prevent him from dying, Tetsuo blamed Kaneda some, true, but he mostly felt he wasn’t strong enough to last long enough for Kaneda to get there.

Kaneda gave Tetsuo his signature jacket when he woke back up, and Tetsuo wore it everywhere. It was a symbol of everything he'd tried to break free of - being dependent on Kaneda, being underneath him, the gang he was a low ranking member of that Kaneda ran. Tetsuo has this vague fear that if he takes it off, it'll break what they have. While it's true that he's managed to sort out for good that Kaneda really does mean everything to him, Kaneda is also his lifeline to everyone else accepting him.

He lost all confidence in himself after Pan killed him, and the fact that everyone else but him got to fight him only dug the wounds deeper. Pan had thoroughly shattered him. Pan told him that he'd get a happy ending, and that ending was dying. The lesson Tetsuo took from this and what little knowledge of his fate he has is that he's never meant to have one. It means he actually can almost appreciate things... but at a cost.

By now, Tetsuo's reached a point that you could almost describe as stable. He’s too tired to keep waging endless campaigns and fight like he used to. His endless raw fury driving his actions has faded into a darker, more nihilistic attitude; while there's still plenty of his characteristic rage, it's more tempered and can be redirected, and sometimes takes a little longer to surface. He has the ability to occasionally walk away from a challenge that doesn't feel worth it now that he'd never had before. There's a few people now who can actually talk Tetsuo down just enough to keep anything from happening. While his power still can activate to attack reflexively, it takes more to set it off.

This is a good and a bad thing - on the one hand, it means he’s not going to try striking out on his own again, but on the other, it means he’s quietly given up a lot of hope and as a result, sunken down into a despairing helplessness wrapped around self-loathing. Since his power is all in his head, this tends to affect what he does and can do. Right now, he's not going to have access to a lot of his potential. He's got a mental block holding him back. And that, at least, is a very good thing for the moment.

Tetsuo’s not book-smart or even generally educated, but if he ever stops to think for five seconds before doing something, he can usually figure out things by feel fairly quickly. Things like, say, how to use rapidly developing powers, how to build an arcade machine of his own, fashion a working robotic arm. He has a decent head for mechanics in general, capable of figuring out the specs of Kaneda's motorbike just by messing with it. He sells himself short pretty frequently, despite his ego, and clings hard to words of praise.

He's turned even more suspicious of others, and doesn't believe people if they say they're doing things because they like him. He was wary before, but after Pan he's closer to paranoid. Everyone's got a reason. Only those that have proven themselves to Tetsuo's satisfaction get a pass. The only person he loves and trusts (deep down) completely, is Kaneda. Some others now come close.

He's very self-centered, with mood swings and always looking for what he gets out of an interaction. If it's not to his benefit or amusement, or somehow suiting his whim, he almost always won't do it. Sometimes he's too busy doing more important things, like moping. He doesn't tend to empathize with others, despite being a powerful psychic. And to him, normal non-ImPorts are unimportant flies. He can hear them if he listens, but they're just so much noise. While his power connects him to the world, it also reduces it to a lot of background noise to tune out, giving people this illusion of being underneath him or less than he is.

The most immediate exception is meeting another psychic, where he has to evaluate if they're a threat to him and if he should deal with them or not. Otherwise his usual approach towards people who he doesn't know is to not care. Most people don't have names to him. They're just another in an endless sea. You can tell who he feels is important by who he addresses by name, or bothers to remember a name for.

Akira's powers are a bit hard to pin down. Essentially, matter, energy and soul are all the same and manifest across boundaries easily. It's a little convoluted, but it means that his energy and psychokinesis powers are basically a gradient of the same thing. If it sounds like part of it could be under one header instead of the other, that's not inaccurate; there's a sliding scale between the two. Having these powers means being connected to the life force and collective energy of the universe.

In canon, powers like his aren't something that a human being can handle. They eat everything around him, including himself, converting matter into energy. They come with horrific consequences at worst and extreme deformations at best - those with them don't tend to be able to physically age or grow up. Instead, these people wither away as the power slowly consumes their energy. If there's no limiter placed on someone with them, they can in theory grow in power exponentially forever, until the power grows too big for a physical body to handle. End result, becoming one with the universe whether you like it or not.

In MoM, Tetsuo is largely disconnected from the inherent energy flow of the universe, and his powers have only his own life force to draw on. That gives him a maximum power cap. With careful management and with a team of healers constantly feeding him life force, he could reach and stay at his max potential.... but this is Tetsuo, so they'll leave him a half-dead wreck more often than not. His brain takes the brunt of the initial damage and strain; with sufficient abuse, he can black out or even hemorrhage. In a fight, he's a glass cannon - a lot of damage, but wears down fast.

1. Psychokinesis:

Levitation and manipulation of objects; this can include self-levitation in a passable imitation of flight. (He's moving in largely straight lines, correcting course is harder)
He can do things from moving water glasses to shattering windows subconsciously, and much more impressive things if he focuses. At max capacity, he can lift and move something like a train engine (at 200 tons), but he won't survive having done so. He can only 'safely' throw around things like cars without suffering much backlash. Beyond that, he's putting a lot of stress on his body and mind in an increasing scale.

While he has some sense of his surroundings through his power, he has to be completely aware of an object to lift it, either through prior confirmation of its location behind him or through line of sight contact. If the object moves behind him and he's unaware of the change, he can't grab it.

Tetsuo can exhibit extreme force on objects, either by throwing them at high velocity, crushing or ripping them apart. The exact same drawbacks for the amount of force needed apply.

2. Energy Manipulation:

He can project a sphere of pure force/energy outwards, damaging anything (except himself) within its radius. This doesn't usually extend much more than about five or ten feet from him in any direction; the bigger he makes it, the worse the repercussions to himself are. He can also project this sphere somewhere directly in front of his line of sight, though the farther he tries to put it the greater the wear to himself. At its weakest, it's invisible, and just a sphere of violent force.

At its strongest, it's a visible barrier of light capable of either melting or repelling objects. This sphere can be used as a shield to repel incoming attacks/projectiles and protect himself from incoming harm - but it has limited duration; he can only keep it up as long as he can concentrate on it, and like all the rest of his powers, depends entirely on his own energy. He can couple this with telekinesis - to throw something back that he's slowed enough, for instance. He can get a far larger and/or brighter sphere, at the cost of his own life force and energy. We know from canon it is strong enough to bend or block extremely strong orbital lasers, or laser weaponsfire. The maximum duration of this ability without causing harm to himself is a minute.

Related to the force sphere is channeling energy into a single attack in a straight line, causing damage to anything that gets in its path. Think of this as a concussive shockwave; it goes at a fast, but set speed wherever Tetsuo initially directs it and has limited effective range before it's burned enough energy to be harmless (twenty feet). It's a great way to cause collateral damage such as tearing up sidewalks and severely annoying best friends. It can be used to project a force sphere attached to the end of the attack - only as an invisible circle. He cannot project an energy shield around someone else, at all.

3. Telepathy:

Here we go. Telepathy is huge in Akira canon ,and while anime Tetsuo doesn't display it much, he clearly demonstrates the ability. As he's the most gifted psychic in his canon since Akira, he had potential to use it to great effect. It just wasn't his style.

Tetsuo has received telepathic training for six months, and has put it into practice with increasing frequency. There is a permissions post; I will do nothing without checking it by people.

He can see surface thoughts if people are screaming it loudly enough in their heads or focusing hard enough to draw his attention. He also has the chance of picking up stray thoughts as a universal receiver like before, or being very obvious to people to note who are either spiritually sensitive or telepathic in nature.

With focus, he can find someone's head and get into it, regardless of distance - while he will have trouble finding or keeping contact with someone across the world, he can get someone across America easily. He has to know the person he's looking for before long distance contact, or they have to be psychically or spiritually easy to find. Merely maintaining contact is easy, digging for information is a risky gamble and puts him at the potential mercy of the host's mind. If they're protected or fight back, he'll have to pit his will and imagination projected against theirs.

Likewise, he now has the training (thanks to Thomas) to defend his own mind against attacks and protect himself from mind control or people digging for information.

Digging for information comes at a possible, sometimes severe cost: memories are associative, and it's difficult to lie or hide mind to mind. If he loses focus, or starts drifting into his own thoughts, his target may see some of his own memories (again, with plotting/discussion oocly). He must maintain control over his mind to avoid this.

POSSESSION: If he encounters someone capable of hosting another soul, such as a spirit medium or someone otherwise empathically or telepathically sensitive/open, with player permission, he'll have the ability to shift his consciousness into that person. They can fight this if they choose, and a strong-willed person could shove him out of their body completely. His target has to be willing on some level, or completely incapable of fighting it, to let him have any real control.

in canon, Kiyoko used this to great effect, transferring the networked abilities of the three espers/psychic children into Kei to let her fight Tetsuo.

When in that person's body, he'll have a merged consciousness with this person, and be able to use his own abilities through this person as if it was him doing them. They will not suffer any side effects; he is using them as a proxy to channel through and nothing more. He, however, is subject to all of them and may not be aware how much damage he's doing to himself at the time.

This character may still be able to use their own powers and take some actions. Tetsuo won't have the ability to access or use their own powers for himself unless they're purely physical (durability, a special non-summonable sword or such). In short, his target will have to have at least half control for them to use their own abilities, making it a joint merger instead of displacing that person for a while. If they should choose to surrender entirely to let Tetsuo control, they can do that (and this has to be a choice on his target’s end unless they’re flat out unconscious, regaining consciousness means they have that choice again), but it blocks the use of any non-permanently available (biology, physical objects - if they need summoning, he can’t get it unless it’s already out) powers they have.

Tetsuo will only have limited control over his own body while he's merged with another and very little awareness of his surroundings, and most likely be in a close to unconscious/trancelike state until his mind/soul is back in his body. You might hear him talking to himself if he's talking through someone, somewhere else. It's exactly as creepy as it sounds, and he’s incredibly vulnerable during this. The link is broken if Tetsuo is rendered unable to maintain it.

VISIONS: Sometimes he gets flashes of things that are happening or are about to. He will never be able to control this, so in effect, other players would have the ability to choose whether or not he’s aware of something regardless of whether or not he would normally. This is basically here for other people’s plots, I won’t be asking if he can use it for reasons that would benefit him.


LOGS POST (PROSE) SAMPLE:A haze of pain lingered just out of reach, dancing on the edge of impending consciousness. Tetsuo fought it, clenching his eyes further shut and trying to habitually flip to his side, metal arm clicking as he reached out.

He had no feeling in the arm, but the unexpected clink of metal on metal jarred him awake. It wasn’t supposed to make that noise. It wasn’t supposed to make any noise at all.

He’s grateful for the dim lighting; the dull ache in his mind flares into a wildfire. Pressing the cold, sharp fingers of his right hand into his temple, he tries to make the world around him unblur enough to get a good look at his left wrist. There should be a resonator there.

The soft light of his tattoo shines clearly. There’s no dark band cutting off the edge of it.

Fully awake now, Tetsuo looks up to see a smiling attendant waiting for him to fully come to. He’s still confused for a moment; where is he? Then fear rises behind the confusion, mixing into a nervous irritation. He is supposed to be home, in his bed; where the hell is he?!

She speaks softly to him, but it’s not softly enough. He clenches his teeth, pushing his fingers harder against his temple until they leave marks, but it’s still useless; the migraine is too intense. It slows his thinking. For a moment, he’s back in that hospital, waiting for more happily smiling psychopaths to take him right back to that machine, unsatisfied with leaving any part of him intact.

Tetsuo screams something at her. He’s not sure what. He tries to back away, tripping over his ankle, and falls with a graceless thud on the floor. If he managed to try to lash out at her at all, the attempt went wide as he lost his footing over something. He never did see what, just that one moment he was upright, the next he’s folded against a wall, with a whole new pain in the back of his head and neck.

Staggering to his feet, he tries to push the woman away, but only vaguely manages it. All in all, that one mistake gave the woman time to get him out of that room and into the harsh sunlight outside. Once out of the room, his pain-slowed mind realizes that he does recognize this place. It’s not a hospital at all.

It’s that room with the Porter.

He had a chance to attack the porter itself, and he missed it!

The soldier who gets to brief him was in for a briefing of his own as Tetsuo unloads all his frustrations and anger straight onto him in one uninterrupted rant. He can’t know how amazingly lucky he is that all Tetsuo does is scream, but by the look on his face, he doesn’t feel fortunate at all.

“You damn arrogant American bastards! Always interfering with everyone else! Where the hell do you get off, kidnapping me back here?! I was leaving you guys alone! I didn’t even do anything this time!”

Furious, he snatches his packet out of the guy’s hand and with a twitch of his mind shreds the thing into so much confetti. Just on principle.

“If I ever see your damn face again, that’s gonna be you next time, you got it?! I should take out this whole damn building just cause! Take your precious little machine and smash it into pieces! Then I’ll shove those pieces through your face!

He doesn’t follow through on any of those threats. There’s barely a change in pressure around them; not even enough power to stir his hair. It’s all words this time. He's not sure what would happen if he assaulted the main base, but some deeper fear keeps him from trying yet.

As long as they don't do anything further, neither will he.

FINAL NOTES: A large downside to his abilities is that he's maladapted to controlling any of them. He's not quite stable and his abilities cause him quite a bit of pain - ranging anywhere from headaches to complete incapacitation or worse if not treated. There's ways to ameliorate or help this (such as extremely dangerous medication in canon), which he will probably have to end up getting a prescription for or find an alternative.

He was also an arcade attendant when he was first here, but he's a mechanic at Neo Tokyo garage. Either job would work, but he won't acknowledge any other and only actually do anything at one of them.